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Top 6 Best Porter Cable Drills Reviews

So, you want to get your own rechargeable drill battery or just want to get the best and used power drills, then here you will see the top six products by Porter Cable. Do you know what the best thing about Porter Cable tools is?

They always deliver high-quality products which will never lose their speed and control. And also, these are the best electric drills to buy because of their power and durable construction.

However, what we love about Porter Cable drills and drivers is that they never make you compromise on the speed.

They are so lightweight and compact in size that you can easily perform tasks in the tight corners and spaces without losing the control or power.

And believe us, this is the best quality to have in the best cordless drill, that’s why we choose Porter Cable drills and drivers to introduce with some extraordinary powerful tools.

Furthermore, Porter Cable is an American company which delivers such high-performance power tools to satisfy their customers, and full fill their needs.

Moreover, you will also get many built-in features in the Porter Cable power tools such as built-in LED lights (so that you can easily see your tasks in night conditions without any issue).

They also offer you with compact size ergonomic design (by which you can perform the job in tight corners as well). In addition to this, they will also provide you offer you their power tools which are built with the 20-V MAX battery system (and this is the best thing you will ever get in your cooling system).

So, why are you waiting for? just explore these below mention six products and choose the best one for yourself, because Porter Cable is the choice of professionals, who do not want to make a compromise at all…

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 52 Accessories
(Editor’s Choice)
PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit
PORTER CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX 2-Tool Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit
PORTER-CABLE PCCK614L4 Power Tool Combo Kit
PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium Ion Hammer Drill
PORTER-CABLE PCC608LB 20V MAX Lithium Compact Brushless Drill

1. PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi – Tool Kit with 52 Accessories

PORTER-CABLE PCE605K52 3-Amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit with 52 AccessoriesThis is the best cordless drill tool which allows you to perform your tasks and anything within comfort level.

However, it comes with the 3-amp motor that will further deliver to you with the high power to easily and efficiently complete applications fast and quick.

Also, its tool-free system blade which can allow you to change it quickly changes and as well as make the adjustments things easier for some specific applications without any use of wrenches and bolts.

Thus, with the help of its depth and cutting guide which will also help you to further complete plunge and also cutting tasks quicker and with extra comfortable control.

It also provides you with its 10-foot cord which is here to actually minimizes the requirement for extension cords, so that you can perform your job perfectly.

Furthermore, this is a huge kit box which is full of 52 different accessories to help you easily and as well as provide you with all its essential components by which you can do your various projects with an extra convenient option.
You will surely like this tool kit which is not just ordinary but extra amazing and useful for sure.

Quick features:

  • 3-AMP MOTOR: which is perfect and very useful for you to deliver such a high amount of power to finish your applications fast and secure easily.
  • TOOL FREE BLADE SYSTEM: that would be the best option for you quickly adjusts or further changes the applications without any need of bolts and wrenches at all.
  • DEPTH AND CUTTING GUIDE: it will also provide you with its depth and cutting guide which helps you to cut your projects faster than ever before.
  • 52 DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES: it also comes with 52 amazing and useful accessories so that you will always get the best job done by it.
  • Great for fast applications
  • Tool-free blade system
  • 3-amp motor power
  • It is very noisy



2. PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2 – Tool Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion 2-Tool Combo KitThis is the best power drill driver you will ever get in a combo kit set. This will provide you with DRILL and DRIVER set in which you will get the features like 330 Units Watts Out (UWO), compact in size, 2-speed gearbox (0-400/0-1,600), and as well as 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck.

This would be the best choice for you to enjoy your drilling plus driving in one tool kit which is full of high performance and deliver a high amount of motor power.

However, with its impact driver, you will get amazed with its 1,495 in/lbs of high-power torque, such a handy and compact design, 0-2,900 RPM, 0-3,100 BPM, and along with one single 1-handed easy load 1/4″ hex chuck, isn’t just amazing?

Also, this is not the end line yet, both tools have been coming with a gauge that will further display remaining charge within the battery so that you can charge the tools easily and accordingly.

Also, the best part is that its battery which is 20-v MAX lithium Ion can work completely well with other porter cables system as well so that it will become more convenient for you to enjoy several porter cable products with just one powerful battery. This is yet the best cordless drill ever.
Quick features:

  • 330 UNIT WATTS OUT: which is powerful enough to deliver high performance and fast speed so that you will never get distracted with speed.
  • 20-VOLT MAX BATTERY: now just enjoy your drilling and driving time with the maximum time of battery coverage and fast speed as well.
  • DELIVER MAX TORQUE: it will be delivering to you 1,495 in/lbs max high-power torque which means you can perform even better ways as compared to those traditional drilling/driving.
  • Lightweight
  • Drill and driver set
  • Fast speed
  • High torque performance
  • It has a manufacturing fault



3. PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX 2 – Tool Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 20V MAX 2-Tool Cordless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver Combo KitSimply the best and the smallest drill driver set which comes with some variety of built-in features and advanced technology.

You will surely like using these products which come with drill plus driver set, so now your projects and tasks become so easier with these handy and light weighted tools.

Also, both will provide you with a 1/2 inch two-speed drill/driver. Built-in with the high quality and performance motor that further delivers to you 283 units watts out and as well as 0-350/0-1,500 RPM.

However, it comes with a very compact design which is around 8.25-inch-long and also offer with the overall weight of 3.5 pounds.

Though, when you notice the drill features, you will be likely to get an ergonomic handle design which is so comfortable and solid in gripping. Also, it has a built-in LED light and as well as a bit of storage. Now, it’s time to talk about its impact driver which is 1/4 inch and further delivers 1450 in/lbs of high torque, and as well as 0-2,800 RPM and 0-3,100 BPM.

Thus, you will also get amazed with its quick load chuck which can be done just with the help of one-handed bit changes.

Compact design which is just 6.9″ long and comes with a weight of 3.3 lbs. This best cordless drill and Impact driver features an ergonomic handle as well.

Quick features:

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN HANDLE: which is so comfortable enough so that you can enjoy your drilling tasks ahead.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: made with such lightweight quality to provide you extra convenient for performing different tasks at the same time.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE MOTOR: that will further deliver to you 283 units watts outperformance by which you can perform well and perfectly.
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Easy to grip the handle
  • This tool kit is expensive in price as compared to others



4. PORTER-CABLE PCCK614L4 Power Tool Combo Kit

PORTER-CABLE PCCK614L4 Power Tool Combo KitProvide you with the high-performance motors which deliver such perfect speed and with its impact mechanisms which further allow you to get the maximum power through jobs.

This compact cordless driver and drill tool kit is made with the compact and as well as convenient design to ease the tension of your job site hassles and provide you with maximum support to perform well and within your deadline for sure.

However, this tool kit comes with the warranty of 3 years, so that if you find any problem or not satisfy with the performance, then you can easily return to them or just send them to repair it without any cost, that is the best thing of having such long-lasting warranty.

Though in this powerful tooling kit, you will get tools to include one compact size PCC601 Drill Driver, one compact size PCC661 Circ Saw, one perfect PCC671 Recip Saw, comes with a PCC701 Flashlight, Charger, and as well as (2) 20V MAX*Lithium Ion Batteries.

This would be the perfect gift you can send to yourself to manages your task and different projects without any limit or hassle.
Quick features:

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE MOTOR: which will make sure always to deliver you with high-quality performance and as well as with constant speed so that you get the right and perfect drilling experience.
  • DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES: it comes with the loads of different accessories that will offer you to utilizes each tool according to your need and requirement.
  • 3-YEAR WARRANTY: so that users can send their tools for repairing the process without any cost or extra charges.
  • 20-V MAX BATTERIES: which are powerful enough and can be fitted well with other porter cable systems as well.
  • Perfect tool kit
  • High-performance motor speed
  • Useful accessories
  • 20-V max battery
  • Its flashlight is so light and dim



5. PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium – Ion Hammer Drill

PORTER-CABLE PCC620B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Hammer DrillYou will surely get these cheap cordless drills for sale as well, as this Porter Cable is the best company for selling these powerful drills and drivers at a very reasonable cost.

However, this 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill will provide you with the best and high-performance work hammer drill which is further capable enough to offer you with its delivering for up to 27,200 BPMs.

Though, this hammer drill will feature one single 2-speed gearbox (0-400/0-1600 RPMs) that is here to maximizes your experience with its high-power delivery system which needed to complete large and as well as small applications.

Thus, with this powerful hammer drill that offers you with 1/2″ metal ratcheting chuck so that users can easily minimize little slipping in chuck, just with the help of its 23 chuck settings.

Furthermore, it will also offer you with a battery gauge which easily displays you a remaining charge on the battery to make you able to notice how much power actually remains easily.

Also, don’t forget to check its LED light feature that absolutely brightens your dark work areas and as well as allow you to see those small workspaces.

Well, this hammer drill is actually used for concrete and such masonry drilling, metal drilling, and wood drilling. This would be the perfect item for you.

Quick features:

  • 2-SPEED GEARBOX: which increase the overall power and deliver you with much-needed power and speed to complete your regular tasks and projects.
  • LED LIGHT: that will make your late-night work easier and comfortable enough because you can easily see the areas just with the help of its built-in LED light feature.
  • 23 CHUCK SETTINGS: easy to operate and use features without any hassle, it will also help to minimize a bit of slipping in chucks and all.
  • LED light
  • 2-speed gearbox
  • High performance
  • Durable in quality
  • It is yet very expensive



6. PORTER-CABLE PCC608LB 20V MAX Lithium Compact Brushless Drill

PORTER-CABLE PCC608LB 20V MAX Lithium Compact Brushless DrillHere comes a drill with a battery which is perfect for your daily small and big tasks to complete them with the satisfactory for sure.

Also, it will provide you with the brushless motor system, which means you can get some extra run time. Brushless motor means more runtime, and more runtime means, more work with proper speed and performance.

This best cordless drill offers you with its 360 MWO for making such heavy applications with lessened stall so that you can perform well without any pressure.

Though, with the help of its transmission which will be providing you with 1,700 max RPM which increase the speed of drilling and as well as allow to make fastening applications just with the help of its compact 8″ length which goes perfect for work in tight corners and spaces.

And, also it is very light in weight which is around 3.2 pounds only for giving you extra convenient, and you can hold the drill for doing long-lasting tasks as well.
It is very compact in size and lightweight as well so that’s why it becomes the most favorite drill of many people out there, and also it comes with a brushless motor so it will increase overall speed incredibly.

Quick features:

  • 1,700 MAX RPM: which can speed up its drilling power and allow you to perform faster applications as well.
  • COMPACT IN SIZE: it is just 8-inches long which means you can complete your overall tasks with this handy and solid gripping tool.
  • LIGHT IN WEIGHT: comes with a weight of 3.2 pounds only, to provide you with extra comfort and support.
  • 20-V MAX BATTERY: which is so powerful and can also be suited well with other porter cable systems.
  • Great in speed
  • High performance
  • Lightweight
  • 20-v max battery
  • Brushless motor
  • The battery doesn’t lock in the drill
You believe it or not, but Porter Cable is one of the best and well-known companies which is making high-quality power tools including many different other accessories.

And most surprisingly, the best part is that they built their power tools with 20-V MAX battery system which can also be fitted to other Porter Cable systems as well, isn’t just god damn awesome thing?

So, guys, stop wasting your time on searching different power tools on different hectic sites, just read those above reviews and choose the one immediately.

If you are already using the Porter Cable power tools, then don’t forget to share your reviews and experience with us in the comment section below.