Bosch Router Power Tools 1617EVSPK

Bosch Router Power Tools 1617EVSPK

Cordless drill sets are a very handful to electrician, plumbers, and engineers of the alike profession. There are different sets offered by different brands. But in this guide you will find the best cordless drill in town, I.e. not only have needed specifications but also is affordable.

Before we discuss our power drill toolset let’s have a look at its brand which is Bosch. Bosch is into a successful business of producing some of the efficient power tool kits. Of this business and other areas, they have got an experience of about 130 years! Old enough to claim about being aware of tiniest nail and drivers to bigger tools. The history of Bosch took off in Stuttgart Germany where the owner/founder Robert Bosch introduced the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in the year 1886. This is what is considered as the turning point of their business when the plug and better ignition systems took birth.

As long as tools are concerned, Bosch is that brand which started the tools business in 1932. These many years of experience are self-satisfactory and also very comfortable to minds because you know you are talking about a brand that has seen all the eras and now is living according to the 21st century. Of course, they have been aware of the wants and needs of consumers today; that is why they are still considered as a wanted brand by many and has won positive recognition. The tool business of Bosch started with the invention of a hammer drill.

The hammer drill is said to be the first electric drill by Bosch tools that could strike and also rotate at the same time. If you do a bit of search about this brand you get to know that today Bosch is doing great in a variety of fields in the business sector, i.e., from the automotive industry to telehealth sector. This company Bosch has a long list of innovations for example round electric fridge, the very first mobile hydraulic lift, their three-way catalytic converters, hybrid vehicle technology, e-bike drives and electronic anti-lock braking systems for vehicles to include.

Bosch brand gets recognition on manufacturing and promoting premium quality power tools and also products for woodworking projects, fine woodworker, trim carpentry, for carpenters, men, women, and even adults. They have a global service of delivering out the best in quality, function and style items when needed.


This set by Borsch has a variable speed versatile power tools. The electronic variable speed with 2.5 horsepower motor beginning from 8000 to 25000 RPM is part of the router power tool set. To guide you with more information about the router, the fixed and plunge base power router lets the beginning of start and micro-fine depth adjustments. It helps in maintaining constant speed under load and quick clamp on both of the bases. The fixed base system is excellent because it gives flexibility for adjusting with the height a bit from above a router table. Use it for a range of application for example: including precise bit plunging, edge forming, laminate trimming, and slot cutting.

The Bosch Router Power Tools 1617EVSPK has a precision centering router tool. The precision gives a centering experience to keep bits on the intended cut line. When you are using a jig-saw, templates, dovetail fixtures of similar guidance devices, also the fixed base routers having threaded holes for easy mounting to the router table.

The base of the Bosch router power kit has a support that is positioned in a four-hole pattern and common three-hole pattern, depth adjustment system on both bases and micro-fine.

The best cordless drill can be found under Bosch. You also get a broad base opening and 2” subbase openings giving better visibility right or left.

Durability is an important factor when it comes to the best cordless drill. Here you get a durable and convenient combination router with aluminum construction. The aluminum construction helps in giving out a reliable router for wood-work with wooden handles with a fixed base and a soft-grip handle on a plunge base. The user gets to experience the convenience of built-in constant response circuitry. The hand router of set shall maintain a constant speed throughout the cut for more accurate and cleaner results. The collet capacity is ¼”, 3/8”, ½,” 8MM and 2” sub-base opening. The base diameter measurement is 6” fixed/ 6-11/16” plunge.

When you purchase this product by Bosch you get router 1617EVSPK, a plunge base (RA1166), the fixed base (RA1161), the fixed base chip shield, plunge base chip shield, collet capacity is ¼”, 3/8”, ½,” 8MM and 2” sub-base opening.


Bosch Router Power Tools 1617EVSPK – Combination Plunge, Fixed Base Router Tool with 2.5 Horsepower, Variable Speed – Wood Router, Table Saw Kit with 1/4″, 1/2″ Collets is great for technician, mechanics and related person.

Mentioned below are some advantages:


  • Set of router tools.
  • Suitable for various material cuts.
  • It has a very high power
  • Combo of plunged and a fixed base.
  • High-speed motor operation
  • It is expensive


But if you focus on the number of things you get as a package then the price may sound justified to you. After all, going for genuine quality with more rates is better than choosing poor quality items with cheaper rates. To conclude, you cannot compromise on quality when it comes to power tool kits in short.

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