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DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2)

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For each purchaser or consumer for that matter, the correct information from the perfect individual spares time, cash and makes life simpler. Each brand must remember in respects of their focused on clients their needs, demands, quality and cost of a product or service. Picking out the right sort of items and administrations and after that creation, the best use out of it is the thing that each buyer needs or at least expects that the brand he or she is setting his eyes on is aware of primary concerns.

The demand for cordless drills never went out and yet these days when the business of housing schemes is on the rise, and many engineers or technicians are working day and night they expect to buy a decent compact driver tool set. These professionals’ workers or even individuals that are at home go on the search for a driver that not only saves their time and does work.

The cordless driver can be pretty expensive, so each consumer wishes to find the best cordless drill which is light on wallets and is reasonable in design. The tool kit or impact driver is said to be reasonable when it is lighter in weight. The lighter weight cordless drill does not make the muscles of the consumer aches when they have to use the set for longer project hours or make use of heavy machinery.

In the 21st century despite when the era of digital technology has struck, and the labor force is declining still the cordless drills are considered as helping innovated tools. Till this date, you will find that there are various companies producing tools set. It becomes tough to decide which one to go when there the half of your superstore has racks filled with a different company providing impact drivers, tools kit and cordless drills.

For our first time users, it is imperative to mention that few considerations need to be taken care of when purchasing compact drivers. For example the price of the commodity, the size of the product, weight whether light or not and service range it can deliver or work in. Prices and quantities are varied for each tool, and so is the level of service they can provide.

You must be aware of certain things when it comes to purchasing the drill combo kit, or an impact driver for example: make sure to check if your tool can work in tight spaces and also know weight is an essential consideration because when you are a freelancer or have site jobs that take longer hours you will definitely want a tool that is lighter in weight.

When the projects are for more extended hours or in ground fields where there is scorching heat or when the duty is more hectic in such cases the heavy ones make it very hard to lift and continue working.

To better assist you with the best cordless driver set we are here to introduce top cordless drill DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2). This impact driver and drill combo kit can be considered as the perfect product for plumbers, technicians, women, men and also for adults. If you are at home and wish to have an excellent toolset to use when needed having all the necessary specifications or if you have just shifted your home and need to deal with some repairment then this one is for you.

This impact driver and drill combo kit is a complete package that comes at very reasonable rates and also saves some of your money too! Read out the product review below to get a detailed view about the cordless impact driver and the drill combo kit by DEWALT.


It is light in weight and can fit into the light areas. This is an ergonometric design that is compact and can work when it is too hard to fix things. The real challenge is to work in tight or darker areas. Since DEWALT is a leading manufacturer in the drills set; thus, they know about the basic needs of a consumer.

Working in night shifts or places where there is a lack of light can be a real challenging task hence DEWALT 12V Impact Driver, and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2) comes with three LED lights. The three LED lights give out clear visibility without bothering shadows.

More to add in the product description. This set has one-handed loading ¼” hex chuck accepting 1” bit tips. The max torque is 79 ft. Lbs. The warranty time is three years with one -year free service contract.
DEWALT 12V Impact Driver and Drill Combo Kit (DCK211S2) has beaten up its competitors when it comes to reliability. Of course, if you are an engineer, a plumber, technician or even just an individual who needs impact driver for whatever purpose you would not want to invest in an area where there is a high ratio of wasting the hard-earned money. Does anyone like to compromise on quality? Customers in certain circumstances are somewhat ready to pay for a higher price if they are given a good quality product. Nevertheless, keeping this feature and this necessity in mind DEWALT 12V, by all means, can be regarded as reliable. Its reliability rate is high as the tools are backed by three-year limited warranty along with quick type release as mentioned above.

This impact driver and drill combo kit have got the fast charging feature. The fast charging attribute will save you time and will allow you to resume your work faster. Hence providing you with a good chance to make your boss happy or to let you’re other piled up tasks be also completed on time. It is, by all means, a complete kit which deserves to be labeled as the best cordless drill.


  • Affordable
  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy to Use
  • Batteries included but separately
  • Longer Durable Life
  • Carrying case is not included


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