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DEWALT DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver (Tool Only)

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DEWALT DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver (Tool Only)Right knowledge from the right person saves time, money and makes life easy. No this is not a motivational transcript lecture. Choosing the right kind of products and making the best use out of it is what every consumer wants. To waste money or spend money over something that clearly will collapse any time in the future is not what you want nor we.

These days when housing schemes are on the rise and many engineers or technicians are working day and night they expect to buy a decent compact driver tool set. They search for a driver that not only saves their time and does work but also is light on wallets and is reasonable in design. By reasonable I mean those heavy tools that make each bone ache after longer working duty hours is not favorable much.

Cordless drills are considered as helping innovated tools. There are various companies producing tools set. It becomes very tough to decide which one to go. There are a few considerations that need to be taken care of when purchasing compact drivers. For example price, size, weight and service range. Prices are varied for each tool. Weight is an important consideration because when you are a freelancer or have site jobs that take more extended hours, you will want a tool that is lighter in weight. Because the heavy ones make it very hard to lift and continue working.

To better assist you with the best cordless driver set we are here to introduce DEWALT’s DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver. A perfect product for plumbers, technicians, women, men and even adults. If you are at home and want to have a useful tool set to use when needed or if you have just shifted your home and need to deal with some repairment then this one is for you.

It is a complete package that comes at very reasonable rates and also saves some of your money too! Read the product review below to get a detailed view of the cordless impact driver.


To begin with, DEWALT is considered to be one of the leading manufacturers in the field of power tools. They have a good marketing position and has got experience in the regarded sector. Nevertheless, the DEWALT DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver is a heavy duty impact driver that promises to deliver compact, light and durable solution for a vast range of light-to-medium fastening applications.

Among the industrial power tools corded and cordless drills, hammers, grinders, saws, routers, plate joiners, planers, lasers, sanders, generators, nailers, compressors, metal and masonry drill bits, screw driving, abrasives and related accessories of DEWALT. One can find Dewalt tools at both the national and international level. There are more than 1000 factory-owned, and authorized locations and Dewalt is said to be the most extensive service provider and repair networks available in North America.
The DEWALT DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver has got an exceptionally smaller size with just 5-3/4-inch front to back. However, the battery is not included but you can the one having only 4.6 pounds. The company takes pride in its model DC825b ¼-INCH 18 Volt cordless impact driver as it has a durable high-speed motor. The high-speed motor of DC825B is capable of delivering 0-2,400 RPM for enhanced productivity

DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver has a frameless motor technology with replaceable brushes. It is a great ease for the user. You can maintain cleanliness and not lose your driver. This also increases the serviceability. DEWALT’s cordless impact driver is compact but is high with power. This gives permission for superior airflow that increases motor durability and also extends life.

DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver is a perfect tool for dealing with a broad range of fastening applications. It has the variable-speed trigger, high-power frameless motor and ergonomic design all contribute to easy handling. Also, you get XRP extended run-time battery system. The XRP extended run battery system lets the user work until the job at hand gets to the completion phase. For maximum comfort and control, there is a textured anti-slip comfort grip.

The compact size and lighter weight makes it great to use in tighter areas and reduces the fatigue of a consumer. Often we see tools having a real heavyweight. So when you have to work for longer hours your arms your muscles will not ache or get damaged.

Safety is essential and must be considered while working. The design of the DEWALT cordless impact driver is strong and does not harm anyone. In case you do not have previous experience or using the cordless driver this one is perfect for you. With DC825B 1/4-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Impact Driver there also comes with operating instructions book. This is a great blessing for the ones who are not sure how to use the cordless impact driver.

 In the Box Comes:

  1. 1 DC825B impact driver
  2. Operating instructions
  3. Batteries and charger comes along in separate.


  • Product is made in USA
  • It is designed to fit into tight spaces
  • Consist of anti-slip comfort grip
  • Made up of high quality material
  • Charger and battery is sold separately
  • Tool but no battery
  • Frameless motor for extended life and more durability
  • You can save up to 47$
  • Compact size
  • Light Weight
  • 1300 in-lbs. of torque.
  • Replaceable brushes.
  • Battery and Charger comes separately in the box
  • Affordable
  • Lighter in weight
  • Easy to Use
  • Batteries included but separately
  • Longer Durable Life
  • Carrying case is not included


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